7 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

He’s not available emotionally

When a guy isn’t ready for a relationship, it often shows in his emotional availability.  

He seems distracted whenever you are together

Distraction can be a big clue that he’s not prioritizing the time you spend together. 

You can’t count on him

Reliability is crucial in any relationship. If he frequently cancels plans, doesn’t follow through on promises.

He keeps things casual

If he consistently keeps things light and avoids discussing a future together, he might not be seeking a committed relationship. 

Communication is inconsistent

In a relationship, open and regular communication is key. If he’s sporadic in responding to texts or calls.

meeting your friends and family

When someone is hesitant about commitment, they may shy away from integrating into your social circle. 

making future plans with you

Long-term commitment often involves planning for the future together. If he avoids discussions about future vacations.

A guy serious about a relationship will naturally include you in his future plans and show a willingness to build a life together. 

making future plans with you

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