6 Signs He’s Not In Love With You, You’re Just Convenient

You’re Never A Priority

In a truly loving relationship, your partner should make you feel like a priority, someone they can’t imagine their life without. 

Efforts Seem One-Sided

Love is a two-way street, and both partners should actively contribute to the relationship’s growth and happiness.  

Already Dumped You Once

One of the most telling signs that you’re just a convenience is if your partner has ended the relationship before.  

He Avoids Future Planning

A person invested in a loving relationship is typically eager to plan a future together.  

Reluctant to Introduce You

Meeting friends and family is a significant step in a committed relationship. If your partner hesitates avoids introducing.

Emotional Rollercoaster of Hot and Cold

Love provides a stable and secure emotional foundation. If your partner’s emotions seem to fluctuate between intense warmth and sudden coldness.

Emotional Rollercoaster of Hot and Cold

A genuine connection thrives on stability and trust, so if your partner’s feelings.

it’s worth addressing to understand the underlying reasons for these fluctuations. 

Emotional Rollercoaster of Hot and Cold

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