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6 Indoor Activities That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

1 Cardmaking

Cardmaking is a great creative hobby. Start with paper and some art supplies.

2 Beading

Beading can take many forms, including making your own beads, constructing jewelry, and forming images from your beads.

3 Pottery

This pastime can be done at home. Online kits with all the ingredients and instructions will astound you.

4 Scrapbooking

Another simple art hobby is this. Dreizen Howell believes scrapbooking is a great pastime and a great way to utilize old books, magazines, and images to make art.

5 Reading

Dreizen Howell suggests reading novels that "take you places, make you think, or about a topic you're really passionate about" as a hobby.

6 Cooking or Baking

Having to cook and bake might be stressful. Instead of trying this interest on Monday or Tuesday nights, spend a Saturday afternoon decorating sugar cookies or seasoning a roast.