6 Foods That Keep You Awake at Night

Caffeinated foods

When you think of foods and drinks that give you immediate energy, coffee and other caffeinated products may come to mind.


Spicy foods

Spicy foods may lead to indigestion and reflux symptoms, which may disturb your sleep.


foods and added sugar  

Foods that have a high glycemic index (GI) rapidly increase blood sugar levels. These foods include refined carbs like white bread, sweets, and foods with high amounts of added sugars.


Fatty foods

Diets high in total, saturated, and trans fats may lead to sleep disturbances and keep you awake at night.


ultra-processed foods

Studies have found links between ultra-processed foods and poor sleep quality. Cutting back on ultra-processed foods.


Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol reduces the time it takes to fall asleep, but it leads to sleep disturbances later in the night. To promote restful sleep, it’s best to avoid drinking alcohol before bed.


Interestingly, alcohol causes you to fall asleep faster, but then significantly disrupts sleep during the night as your blood alcohol levels decline.


Alcoholic drinks

Even though having a few drinks may initially make you feel tired, studies show that drinking can cause sleep disturbances and keep you awake at night.


Alcoholic drinks

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