6 Cars That Are Plummeting in Value

Nissan Leaf: Rapid depreciation due to newer electric vehicle models with better range and features entering the market.

Fiat 500L: Poor reliability and lackluster performance have led to steep depreciation.

Chevrolet Impala: Declining demand for large sedans and the discontinuation of the model have caused its value to drop.

Mitsubishi Mirage: Low initial cost but also low resale value due to its subpar build quality and performance.

Buick LaCrosse: Decreasing popularity of sedans and competition from other luxury brands contribute to its depreciation.

Chrysler 200: Discontinued model with reputation for reliability issues, leading to rapid depreciation.

 Cadillac ATS: Despite being well-built, the ATS faces stiff competition in its segment, causing its value to drop quickly.

Hyundai Veloster: Unique styling may not appeal to all buyers, resulting in lower demand and depreciation.