5 Things You Can’t Donate, So Toss Or Recycle Them Instead

Expired Medications: Safely dispose of expired medications at designated collection sites to prevent misuse or contamination.

Broken Electronics: Recycle broken electronics at designated e-waste recycling centers to prevent environmental pollution.

Old Mattresses: Dispose of old mattresses at designated facilities that accept bulky items for proper recycling or disposal.

Worn-Out Shoes: Recycle worn-out shoes at specific shoe recycling centers or donate them to organizations that repurpose shoe materials.

Used Tires: Take used tires to tire recycling facilities to prevent environmental hazards and promote proper disposal.

Stained or Torn Clothing: Repurpose fabric scraps for crafts or donate wearable items, but dispose of heavily damaged clothing that can't be salvaged.

Batteries: Recycle old batteries at designated battery recycling centers to prevent chemical leakage and environmental contamination.

Used Paint: Dispose of unused or old paint at hazardous waste collection sites to prevent environmental contamination.