4 last-minute party dishes to cook and avoid

Pepper jelly and cream cheese

Try festive pepper jelly-topped cream cheese with crackers. I have all three items on hand for spontaneous meetings.

The pepperoni bread

Pepperoni bread is hot and cheesy in a fluffy flour and egg basis. It pairs well with wine, cocktails, and seltzer.

Cranberries and Brie bit

Brie and cranberry bites are easy and popular. Place small pieces of brie, Craisins, and a pinch of brown sugar in frozen phyllo dough cups.

Wrapped Triscuits in Bacon

I dislike Triscuits. Tastes like straw. Yes, I've eaten straw. Bacon-wrapped anything is better.

Wrapped Triscuits in Bacon

Cut bacon pieces in half and slice horizontally to make four thin ribbons. Cover crackers in bacon and brown sugar.

S'mores bars

S'mores bars with crushed graham cracker crust, milk chocolate, and marshmallows are always a favorite.

Brie-based things

Choose something brie-based. Rich, creamy, and easy to use. Top with pepper jelly, bake for 20 minutes, and serve with crackers or toast.

Chocolate-chip cookies

 It's easy to create, bake, and cool this dessert before delivering it to a party in a pretty container.

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