2024 Food and Drink Trends: Ranch, Robots, and Rooster Pasta

A healthy marketing skepticism

In the next two to five years, Mintel expects products to emphasise their virtues on more eco-friendly packaging.

Take time for yourself and indulge

Krill meat, which is heart-healthy, "sleep drinks" with vitamins, and calcium-packed milk powder to build bone density may appeal to them.

Back to ranch

 My favorite spice merchant Burlap & Barrel and cookbook author and chef Sohla El-Waylly made a ranch seasoning combination, and Spicewalla did too.

Private dining

The $20k initiation fee and $10k annual charge grant admission to their elite, small-capacity eateries in New York and Miami.

Hawaii's Cuisine

Datassential predicts Caesarizing asparagus, kale, and other non-romaine veggies and slathering hot ranch dressing on everything. More on that later.

This spaghetti will rule

2024, the customized pop-ups will serve Burn Book Burger Sliders, Fetch Strudel, Stab Caesar Salad, and other related foods.

Dressing with ranch

we can dry off with a Hidden Valley Ranch beach towel, wear HVR sandals and loungewear, and relax on their unique HVR couch.

Hot bots

Your kitchen companion is probably a bot. While humans have always sought convenience, Mintel says the COVID-19 pandemic

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