10 of the best meals to make in an air fryer, according to chefs

Crispy Chicken Wings: Achieve that perfect crispy exterior without the need for deep frying, while keeping the meat juicy and flavorful inside.

Roasted Vegetables: From Brussels sprouts to carrots and sweet potatoes, air frying veggies results in a delicious caramelization and crispiness, while preserving their nutrients.

Fish Fillets: Coat your favorite fish fillets with breadcrumbs or seasoning and air fry for a quick, healthy, and crispy meal.

Stuffed Peppers: Fill bell peppers with your choice of filling, like ground turkey or quinoa, and air fry until tender and golden.

Homemade French Fries: Enjoy crispy fries with significantly less oil than traditional deep frying, making them a healthier alternative.

Falafel: Make flavorful and crispy falafel balls using chickpeas, herbs, and spices, then air fry for a healthier take on this Middle Eastern classic.

Pork Chops: Season pork chops and air fry for a juicy interior and golden-brown crust, without the need for excessive oil.

Vegetarian Samosas: Fill pastry dough with spiced potatoes and peas, then air fry for a crispy and flavorful Indian snack or appetizer.