10 Most Valuable Bicentennial Quarters Worth Money 

1976 No S Proof Bicentennial Quarter 

Extremely rare due to the absence of a mint mark ("S") on proof coins. It's a key piece for collectors, commanding high values. 

Silver Bicentennial Quarter 

Contains 40% silver, making it more valuable than its clad counterparts.  

Bicentennial Proof Quarter 

Proof coins are struck with special care and polished dies, making them highly sought after by collectors. 

Bicentennial Silver Uncirculated Set 

Complete sets, especially those with silver content, are valued by collectors.  

Bicentennial Quarter in MS66 

Coins in Mint State 66 (MS66) condition are well-preserved with only minor imperfections.  

Bicentennial Silver Uncirculated Set in MS67 

Sets graded as MS67 (Mint State 67) indicate near-flawless condition.  

Bicentennial Quarter Set in MS67 

Similar to individual coins, sets in MS67 condition are highly valued. 

Packaging variations, such as sets with two holes for the penny, add collector appeal.  

Bicentennial Mint Sets with the Two-Hole Penny 

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