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10 High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants Anymore

Coal Miner

The decline of coal as a major energy source and concerns about worker safety and health have led to a decrease in the number of people seeking employment in this field.


The physically demanding nature of the job, unpredictable conditions at sea, and changes in the fishing industry have made this profession less attractive to many.


The decline in the timber industry, automation, and concerns about deforestation and environmental impact have resulted in decreased interest in this occupation.


The decline in the steel industry, automation, and outsourcing have led to a decrease in job opportunities and a decline in interest in this field.

Toll Booth Operator

The rise of electronic toll collection systems has reduced the need for manual toll collectors, leading to a decrease in demand for this job.

Print Journalist

The advent of digital media and changes in the publishing industry have resulted in a decline in print journalism and a shift towards online news platforms.

Manufacturing Worker

Automation and outsourcing of manufacturing jobs have led to a decrease in demand for manual laborers in this industry.

Textile Worker

 Similar to manufacturing jobs, the outsourcing of textile production to countries with lower labor costs has led to a decline in employment opportunities in this field.