10 Best Exercises for Seniors To Lose Belly Fat


Low impact, easy on the joints. A brisk daily walk improves heart health and burns calories. Aim for 30 mins a day.

Water Aerobics

Gentle on the body, great for resistance. Boosts metabolism and trims waistline without strain on joints.

Chair Yoga

Improves flexibility and core strength. Reduces stress and belly fat through seated poses and breathing exercises.


Focuses on core strengthening, improving posture, and flexibility. Gentle on the body while targeting belly fat.


Stationary or outdoor, it's excellent for heart health and burning calories. Adjust intensity to suit your fitness level.

Tai Chi

Slow, graceful movements improve balance, reduce stress, and gently tone the body, aiding in belly fat loss.


Full-body workout, excellent for those with arthritis. Burns calories and strengthens the core without stressing joints.

Leg Lifts

Lying on the back, slowly raise legs to strengthen the core. Can be modified to perform in a chair for safety.

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